Adobe Summit 2017: B2B is Closer to B2C Than Ever Before

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  • 1 April 2016
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Last month, thousands descended on Las Vegas for Adobe Summit 2017 and, with our new Adobe partnership just announced, the Revel team wasn’t going to be left behind.

First, for years, we’ve been saying that B2B companies will start acting a lot more like their B2C counterparts, and it was encouraging to see that same theme on display. But making that marketing shift won’t be easy.

The traditional model for large B2B companies serving its top 15 customers with a white glove relationship approach isn’t sustainable as more nimble competitors start eating away existing advantages. Add to that the changing nature of the CMO organization, increasingly filled with marketing technologists and IT professionals trying to make back-end and customer-facing technology work together, and you’ve got an award-winning recipe for complexity.

It’s natural in this changing environment to focus on the technology, as it’s often a costly investment. It’s also wrong the wrong approach. Companies should focus on the experience first. Once the experience is mapped out, the technology falls into place.

Think about it. When you’re marketing to customers, you’re marketing to people. Most won’t see the technology infrastructure, and they shouldn’t. They want clean, frictionless experiences.

For B2B marketers just taking on more enhanced digital strategies, the Adobe product suite will help build better experiences for those you’re already doing business with, expand your reach to new audiences at a lower cost, and provide the right level of analytics to prove out what’s working and adjust what can be better. However, even with a market leading platform like the Adobe Marketing Cloud in place, many companies still struggle to maximize the value of its collective capabilities as they struggle to plan for, adapt, and orchestrate the development and ongoing operations around the technology, which is one of Revel’s key unique value propositions.

This is exactly why Revel partnered with Adobe: To create new ways for B2B companies to engage with their customers in a changing digital business environment. We also heard that Adobe plans to hold its partners to higher standards than ever before, which suits us just fine. With a long history between our two companies and a growing portfolio of client projects already benefiting from the relationship, we’re excited to take this new partnership to an even higher level.

Keep your eye out for more insights from Revel on Adobe Summit 2017 coming soon!



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