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  • 26 July 2016
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Staying at the forefront of the market requires keen foresight into the megatrends shaping our increasingly digital world.

These forces will inform the path, priorities and purpose for business transformation in the coming months and years.

  • Happening Now: Omnichannel to Ubiquity. The mandate to deliver a seamless, consistent customer experience across all interaction points.
  • Fast Approaching: Monetizing Trust. The opportunity to increase loyalty and revenue by allowing customers to dictate their level of engagement.
  • On the Horizon: Agile everything. The shift from managing operations to accelerating innovation by providing a platform for consumers and companies to co-create the products and experiences of the future.

As the rest of these megatrends – Ubiquity – becomes the status quo, customers expect a personalized experience wherever, whenever and however they choose. Rapid innovation is required to keep pace with evolving market and consumer demands. At Revel, we’re helping companies gain competitive advantage by recognizing the mandate for digital business transformation – enabling a single, continuous brand experience that transcends physical stores, online platforms, social media and mobile channels to become ubiquitous.


Thanks to the digital revolution, organizations everywhere are awash in data. Operational data. Commercial data. Customer data. Competitor data. Unlocking the latent potential trapped within it, however, remains elusive, time consuming and expensive. Until now.

As the saying goes, “Garbage in, garbage out.” By using equal parts expertise, intuition and creativity, Revel converts data into information, information into stories, stories into knowledge and knowledge into action. We help our clients see the full picture from a fresh perspective by leveraging both primary and secondary research, spanning academia, direct competitors and adjacent markets. And, even though the buzz around “big data” is almost deafening, Revel understands the equal power of “small data,” the anecdotes and intuition necessary to bring abstract data to life.

Although data-driven decision making is always the goal, we understand every situation is unique and requires a custom approach. Established companies are often challenged to iterate on legacy platforms, constrained by siloed, incomplete data and rigid systems. Newer, more nimble organizations can find themselves paralyzed to act due to the speed of innovation. So, we stay in tune with the latest tools and approaches, and partner closely with our clients to acquire the “right” data, cut through the noise and find the “right” signal, and set a long-term course toward an enlightened, mature analytics capability.


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