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Curtis Young

Director, Communications Client Service Partner

Brandishing a new shiny degree in Biology, Curtis spent his formative years working as a paramedic and a lab scientist, searching for a means to quench his thirst for knowledge, prestige, and stature. As a means to garner business experience before medical school, he heeded a call to help “change the world and make a great living” from Andersen Consulting. During his tenure there, he climbed the ladder of a changing company, now Accenture, mastering the world of optimized portfolio management. When he decided to broaden his horizons and seek new opportunities, Curtis joined Microsoft to deliver technology solutions for marketing, and bring customer experiences to life in retail stores. He was then recruited by PayPal to drive end-to-end shopping solutions for large enterprise merchants allowing consumers to discover, shop, and pay through engaging personalized experiences.

After 16 years in business, Curtis had the vision to see that client services should be delivered through partnerships and cultivated by relationships; he ultimately wanted a place to invest in making this type change on his own terms. This led him to Revel in 2015 where he has fostered a deep commitment to the notion of employing community – clients, partners, and internal Revelers – to the application of digital technology to solve complex problems in all aspects of human society. As a Client Service Partner responsible for driving digital business initiatives, he is passionate about helping others succeed. Curtis is distinctly attuned to client and project team needs, with specific expertise in formulating, presenting and meticulously detailing clear strategies, solutions, and roadmaps for success. His ability to listen, build relationships, and quickly co-create real-time solutions with clients accelerates and simplifies ideation to engagement. His deep understanding of customer challenges and the need to stay ahead of an ever-shifting competitive market has enabled clients to rapidly commercialize products through iterative, collaborative, agile practices.

Revel is a company that allows Curtis’ multiple interests to converge and embraces his entrepreneurial spirit while nurturing his client-focused approach to delivering custom solutions through human-centered design.