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Mark Stringham

Senior Manager, Adobe Analytics Practice Lead

With more than 14 years in consulting and analytics, Mark has observed and interacted with the ever-changing digital landscape first hand. Throughout his time in the digital analytics industry, he has always maintained a ‘people-first’ mentality which has sharpened his successes with companies and clients alike. After starting his analytics career with Omniture in 2004 and then continuing with Adobe, Mark has built and implemented Adobe Analytics measurement strategies for brands of all sizes. Over the past 12 years, he’s led strategic implementations and managed client relationships for a number of Fortune 500 companies. Immediately prior to joining Revel, Mark was director of Analytics for Atlanta-based digital intelligence firm, Search Discovery. More than analytics, Mark has a wide breadth of expertise in many valuable areas such as technical architecture, business discovery, tag management implementation, business development, client relationship management and consulting mentorship.

Mark is passionate about serving clients and advocating on their behalf, and he aligns industry best practices around that passion. Building and maintaining working relationships is the key to his success. He believes in combining the right experience with the right intention to help companies realize, and even accelerate, the impact they can achieve through digital marketing analytics. Mark is driven to help clients align their business goals with great solutions and technology, without ever losing sight of the human aspect.

Based in Provo, Utah where he can conveniently continue to work closely with Adobe, Mark’s connection and expertise is meant to optimize the technical capabilities of Adobe Marketing Cloud, help companies develop deeper insights about the digital experience and deploy custom solutions that better help clients measure the value of the customer.

When he’s not focusing on building and maintaining his relationships in the business world, Mark enjoys spending time with the most important people in his life, his wife and three children. Recently, Mark has been passing down his passion for basketball to his son by coaching his school basketball team.