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Stan Nicholl

Senior Manager, Strategy

With business cycles shortening and companies “too big to fail” faltering, it’s vital to understand what separates success from stagnation. We are seemingly living in a bizarro world where your age-old competition has become your partner, and the new rival is a 15-person team working out of the CEOs garage. Companies must become agile and human-centered to avoid being cannibalized by the next great innovation.

Understanding that the product in and of itself is no longer enough to win the hearts and minds of consumers, Stan has focused his attention on bridging the gap between business strategy and creating ubiquitous customer experiences. He understands the languages of market strategy and design and can help fuse the two to optimize product desirability, business viability, and technical feasibility. Maintaining a strict “think – do” methodology, Stan’s unique skill set as a Producer identifies him as someone who is never paralyzed by analysis, especially in the most ambiguous situations.

How can you leverage the expertise across your organization to drive innovation? How can you move forward with speed and confidence that your next product and experience will be a “hit”? Working with a large number of large companies in the Pacific Northwest, Stan, and his team has the ability to help clients unlock dormant potential and get products to market as fast as possible.

Stan is excited about technology and pop-culture and crazy enough to tackle any tough challenge, including an attempt to compete on the national level for Olympic distance triathlons. Looking to balance personal and business passion, Stan left Accenture with the aim to find a path that was more collegial, obsessively client-focused and, had a great balance of fun. Enter Revel and its community model where the firm believes people are intellectual property, information is NOT power and individuals can become micro-services themselves as we move to a world of Agile Everything. Starting with the human in all things done is what brought Stan to Revel. A willingness to challenge the status quo and helping others achieve their potential is what keeps him here.