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  • 26 July 2016
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Staying at the forefront of the market requires keen foresight into the megatrends shaping our increasingly digital world.

These forces will inform the path, priorities and purpose for business transformation in the coming months and years.

  • Happening Now: Omnichannel to Ubiquity. The mandate to deliver a seamless, consistent customer experience across all interaction points.
  • Fast Approaching: Monetizing Trust. The opportunity to increase loyalty and revenue by allowing customers to dictate their level of engagement.
  • On the Horizon: Agile everything. The shift from managing operations to accelerating innovation by providing a platform for consumers and companies to co-create the products and experiences of the future.

As the rest of these megatrends – Ubiquity – becomes the status quo, customers expect a personalized experience wherever, whenever and however they choose. Rapid innovation is required to keep pace with evolving market and consumer demands. At Revel, we’re helping companies gain competitive advantage by recognizing the mandate for digital business transformation – enabling a single, continuous brand experience that transcends physical stores, online platforms, social media and mobile channels to become ubiquitous.


In response to the need to innovate on ever-shortening timelines, many companies are experiencing disruptions in their operating models, productivity tools and organizational structures – shifts that significantly redefine the way people work and relate to the company and to each other. Meanwhile, driven by changing demographics, the workplace continues to evolve from top-down hierarchy to bottom-up, team-based collaboration, eroding the ability of leaders to simply mandate change from above.

Many studies have shown that negative motivators, such as fear of losing one’s job, succeed in eliciting expected behavior or results. But nothing more. If employees don’t see both the individual and collective purpose of change, they have no reason to adopt it, much less champion it to others. We believe that focusing on purpose illuminates “the why” behind a change, creating positive motivators such as hope for a better, simpler, more autonomous working environment.

As digital transformation creates ripples in the business culture, employee engagement can no longer be relegated to the sidelines, neatly managed through discrete change management initiatives. It must become embedded in every aspect of the organization. Otherwise, these small ripples can become tsunamis that drive your best and brightest out the door.

Revel Organizational Engagement helps you liberate your employees from departmental cages, information silos and bureaucracy to inspire and motivate people in more purposeful and personal ways. Whether you are introducing new technology or undergoing an organizational re-alignment, we guide your company through the change by ensuring that people clearly understand the goal, are invited to participate in the journey, and have the opportunity to meaningfully contribute to its success.


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