Revel Consulting Names Adobe Analytics Practice Lead to Boost Digital Marketing Expertise

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  • 20 February 2017
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SEATTLE, February 21, 2017 – Revel Consulting named digital analytics expert Mark Stringham to lead its new Adobe Analytics practice. In the role, he will oversee the firm’s strategic partnership with Adobe, announced February 7, and serve as a partner to Revel clients seeking to maximize the investments they’ve made in the Adobe Analytics platform.

“Revel is taking digital transformation to a new level, and I’m looking forward to bringing my background to the team and its clients,” said Stringham. “With Revel and Adobe Analytics, we’re combining the right experience with the right intention to help our clients accelerate the impact they get from digital marketing analytics, and that’s an exciting place to be in today’s changing business landscape.”

Stringham is a seasoned technology professional with 14 years’ experience in digital analytics, client relationship management, team leadership, technical consulting, implementation, business development and web development. Previously with Adobe through its acquisition of Omniture, he has architected Adobe Analytics measurement strategy for brands of all sizes. Over the past 12 years, he led strategic implementations and managed client relationships for a number of Fortune 500 companies. Immediately prior to joining Revel, Stringham was director of Analytics for Atlanta-based digital intelligence firm, Search Discovery.

Bringing Stringham to Revel continues the firm’s investment in strengthening its technology platform, product and service offerings and will add a new dimension to the recently announced partnership with Adobe, which was designed to leverage the full technical capabilities of Adobe Marketing Cloud to help companies rapidly prototype and test products; develop deeper insights on customer preferences; and deploy sophisticated sales and marketing strategies that deliver the right content, at the right time and in the right context.

“Mark’s a perfect fit for Revel and our clients,” said Arif Samad, who leads Revel’s Analytics Community. “We all share the view that custom solutions are much better suited to uncovering data’s latent potential and turning it into actionable insights. Mark’s spent his career making this work for his clients, and we can’t wait to put him into action at Revel.”

Revel is organized into five communities, each keenly focused on a different phase in the lifecycle of digital business transformation and connected together to ensure a flywheel of innovation is built into its customer engagements. These communities – Strategy, Experience Design, Organization Engagement, Transformation, and Analytics – are designed for maximum agility and flexibility in the face of ever-evolving technological capabilities, consumer expectations, and client needs. This operating model makes Revel uniquely positioned to help its clients stay ahead of three megatrends – omnichannel-to-ubiquity, monetizing trust, and agile everything – looming on the horizon for companies across all industries.

“Mark’s a top-notch technical talent, but more than anything, he knows that people sit at the center of digital transformation,” said Vikas Kamran, Revel’s CEO. “As technology continues to reshape businesses across industries and organizational structures, Mark and Revel share the vision that taking a human-centered approach to analytics is what will lead to the best results. What a great addition to the team!”

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