Convergence of Mega-Trends Driving Digital Business Transformation

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  • 28 July 2016
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Knowing what’s coming is only the first step. Staying at the forefront of the market requires keen foresight into the mega-trends driving customer behavior. As these mega- trends become the status quo, rapid innovation is the only way to keep pace with evolving consumer demands and expectations.

The people at Revel understand this, and are ready to help you migrate from reactive to predictive. We’ve developed the tools, practices and insights that can drive your digital business transformation – and empower you to embrace the future with confidence.

We are focused on three primary mega-trends – at different stages of evolution – that will impact the path, priorities and purpose for digital business transformation in the coming months and years.


Maturity: Near

Prepare for the death of “channels.” Customers now expect a personalized experience wherever, whenever and however they choose. Companies must enable a single, continuous brand experience that transcends channels to become ubiquitous.

This transformation begins by taking a holistic view of your organization, and putting the customer at the center of your business strategy. Technology and information silos must be transformed to create completely complementary, integrated operations – intentionally designed to deliver a seamless, consistent customer experience across all interaction points.


Maturity: Mid

Trust is the currency of the future. By fostering openness and transparency with customers, employees and partners – and giving them the power to dictate their level of engagement – companies earn greater trust, loyalty and profits.

Trust eliminates friction in a customer’s decision to opt into new products and services. As you give customers flexibility over their information, you’ll gather vital data and feedback that leads to more personalization and new revenue opportunities. However, you must also take precautions to safeguard people’s data and ensure appropriate use, or you risk losing their trust forever.


Maturity: Far

As the digital business transformation reaches maturity, most companies won’t produce physical goods. They will serve as platforms for consumers to design their own products and experiences. Everything we own will be one of a kind because as scale advantages in manufacturing disappear, personalization will be as cheap as mass production.

When manufacturing requirements no longer dictate the shape and form of complex products, companies must shift from managing operations to accelerating innovation. A strong, data-informed design process will allow you to quickly adapt to consumers’ desires within the parameters of mission, functionality and brand.

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