Experience is Everything

Experience is Everything

Revel’s Experience Design offers rapid innovation in developing user experiences

Experience Design

Revel Experience Design is staged for rapid innovation, helping you improve agility and reduce risk in developing new customer experiences. Our co-creation approach empowers you to take ownership of the design process and solution, so you can minimize time to market for new products and services without sacrificing quality or confidence.


The Experience Design Process

Today’s most innovative, agile companies have one ingredient in common: empathy. Products and services are designed around the needs and preferences of the customer – not the company. We help you shift your organization’s mindset toward human-centered design thinking, so it becomes a pervasive orienting principle across the business.

OUR Experience Design FRAMEWORK

Experience Design:

Simple is Hard

Revel Experience Design understands that in our digital world, virtually all barriers to switching are dropping. Contracts are disappearing. Services are plug-and-play. Information is portable. With this new reality comes a new mandate: every customer interaction must be viewed as a conversion event…

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Revel created user experiences focus on making every customer interaction a conversion event
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