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Adam Fisher

Executive Creative Director, Experience Design Community

Adam Fisher is a true creative and an innovation leader whose career and education are rooted in experience and design. For just over 20 years, Adam has been on the cutting edge of design and development, creating new products, services, and experiences for both large and small businesses. As the Executive Creative Director at Revel, Adam brings his creative and strategic leadership experience, business acumen, and entrepreneurial spirit to lead and grow our Experience Design Studio.  In his own words, Adam believes, “good design is intended to be felt not seen.”

Adam has continuously immersed himself in digital technology and stayed impressively ahead of the curve. He designed Microsoft’s first ever media player, helped to develop some of the earliest MP3 methodologies, and, upon falling in love with computer design, started a boutique design agency called Loft Studios that coincidentally aligned with the widespread adoption of the internet and immediately took off, solidifying his trajectory and success as an industry leader.

Adam’s creativity and experience design skills have been carefully polished across several impressive brands. He came to Revel from his position as the Head of Experience Design and Executive Creative Director at SMITH, where Adam worked to create compelling digital experiences for Microsoft, Xbox, Office, Project Spark, Windows Phone, Intel, Honeywell, Leeds, and Xerox. Before SMITH, he designed the digital experiences for American Eagle, where he had the opportunity to help refine the Facebook connect SSO experience.

Although a bit unexpected, Adam’s background has equipped him with valuable knowledge applicable across many industries. He had always been interested in creativity and the arts. Adam is a classically trained musician, designer and artist, as well as a die-hard gamer since the dawn of the gaming era. Along with these skills he also did a stint in the US Army as a crew chief in the 101st airborne. After the military, he went back to school to further explore his passion for the creative arts, this time through the study of multimedia design which is where his love of computer design first took root.

A self-described futurist, Adam has always looked ahead to what is coming next and what could be. While this is an exciting perspective to bring to Revel, it’s a mindset that Adam lives daily. He is passionate about VR, AR, Drones, AI, and whatever comes next. As he says, he wants to “live [his] life to see past [his] own imagination.” His personal goal is to change the world one pixel at a time, therefore changing the way people feel about technology using simple, beautiful design. His personal life is dominated by his commitment to his wife and two sons with whom he shares his love of technology in the form of constructive family video games, exciting gadgets and toys, and transforming the family house into a futuristic smart home.