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Steven Sun

Director, Hi-Tech Client Service Partner

Excited to conquer the business world, Steven started his career at Starbucks in 1999 supporting Y2K initiatives and then joined Microsoft in 2000 to work on the world’s largest customer relationship management implementation. During Steven’s Microsoft tenure, he built an automated global marketing platform, created an enterprise data security solution across and designed the early market strategy for SaaS products.

While working at Microsoft, Steven was inspired to complete his MBA at Seattle University, with a focus on product development. His passion for crafting high-impact customer experiences led Steven to a new position in product marketing & incubation at Vulcan. There, he gained mastery in market research, customer insights, go-to-market strategy, and monetization modeling by working on emerging customer products and services.

Steven joined Revel in 2009 in order to expand his proficiency in business transformation. He began by supporting large product rollouts and operations efficiency programs before moving to management to make a greater impact on other Revel consultants and clients. During his Revel tenure, Steven has successfully grown several durable multi-million dollar portfolios by leading customers through their cloud and digital journeys.

Today, Steven is a Client Service Partner responsible for developing a unique industry point of view and engaging customers on continuous value realization. He’s a firm believer in leading with empathy, being socially responsible, and paying it forward through mentoring.

In his free time, Steven loves spending time with family, playing tennis, and watching the Seahawks win.