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  • 17 May 2014
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A journey of self-discovery from spark to breakthrough.

Whether at work or in life, if you don’t find yourself inspired, humbled, and excited to get out of bed every morning, it’s time for a change.

I dreaded getting up for work. Running through the list of to-dos knowing, even if I pushed myself another day, week or month, there would be no real accountability or impact. I was slowly collapsing under the bureaucracy imprisoning me. I began doubting myself. I felt the gap between my reality and my dreams was becoming a chasm. Doubt became fear; a fear so real that I lost the ability to see what can be. I was scared shitless of being mediocre. I was scared I was disappointing my parents. But more importantly, I was scared of disappointing myself.

Find your spark

I envied my peers who were successful and happy. A feeling similar to being the single guy surrounded by a sea of happy couples. I felt lost and isolated. I was inspired by a Reveler. A friend that I once saw as an aimless, goofy, tennis instructor who had transformed into a laser focused, passionate problem solver. In that moment, it all became clear: I wanted what he had.

So, I quit.

I knew my passion was solving problems and developing novel concepts so I followed my intuition. I rebuilt my confidence little by little. It wasn’t easy. There was no performance metrics to track, boxes to check or paths to follow. When I searched for validation and direction as to what to do next, I was met with more ambiguity and even more challenging problems. With every door I closed, I found a hundred others. It felt as if I was in an endless loop. Then I realized the truth: there will always be more doors, more challenges… and more opportunity.

Having been on the brink of perpetual mediocrity and learned helplessness, it was this epiphany that gave me an amazing appreciation for my new journey.

I had found my spark.

Explore your passion

While I enjoyed every aspect of consulting, I kept gravitating to one area: helping others find their spark. Like a sherpa on Mt. Everest, I love guiding people toward their aspirations and pushing them to challenge their perceived boundaries.

I pushed myself harder to finish client work faster in order to make time to focus on this passion. I stayed up nights and weekends fixated on one thing, like a person possessed: How might we empower all Revelers to craft their own unique journey filled with mastery and meaning. A journey intentionally centered around the spirit of each individual. A journey that creates spaces that pull people in to truly discover themselves. A journey that is self-directed to ensure authenticity with heuristics rather than checklists. A journey that is challenging enough to forge only the worthy. One without shortcuts to weed out the fakes.

I only had one last problem to solve: how to make this journey a reality for others.

The Breakthrough — My Revel Journey

It was shockingly simple: A self-directed experience that empowers people to master a craft autonomously where purpose takes precedence over extrinsic, tangible rewards. How?

1  Set the tone from the beginning.

A culture that previously seemed mysterious and chaotic was redefined to be purposefully ambiguous by eliminating the unknown-unknowns. A process that begins on a Revelers first day. We redesigned the existing new employee orientation in order to set the right expectations: Revel is designed to be purposefully ambiguous.

2  Forge amazing people through intense collaboration

The Bench was reimagined as a perpetual bootcamp. Each week Revelers not currently on project come together to dive headfirst into understanding industry disruptors to ensure empathy with the challenges our clients face. They walk away knowing how we fit in… all while honing our craft.

3  Reinforce through engaging spaces and great experiences.

Human nature craves novelty to maintain engagement. Knowing this fundamental truth means that new spaces must be continually introduced.

Company-wide Foundry workshops are filled with high-energy, skill-development exercises that provide a view into the leading-edge of new clients and their most pressing challenges.

The $2000 Ed/Ex fund kickstarts Revelers to learn and push themselves out of their comfort zone and truly have the autonomy to choose their mastery excursions. provides a digital space where Revelers can come together to share insights, stories, and techniques to inspire the world through our approach to solving problems.

It starts & ends with happiness

My Revel Journey is the space we’ve created to inspire each of us, regardless of experience or position, to deliver unparalleled client experience. But, it’s just the beginning. It will grow and evolve, taking on a life of its own as every Revel makes it their own.

That said, it will evolve under one simple heuristic: work and happiness shouldn’t be mutually exclusive. Whether you’re introverted or extroverted, there’s no denying the value of working with a diverse group of people you not only respect, but also enjoy spending time with because of their ideas, humility and talent.

If you look around yourself and don’t find yourself inspired, humbled and excited get out of bed, it’s time for a change. I know it’s possible because I experienced it firsthand. No one is going to do it for you.

Borrowing a quote from someone far smarter than I, Mahatma Gandhi: “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” And, that world can be anywhere. Your home, your work or you community. Bring your whole self; don’t save it for home or put it off until later. Tap into the entire potential of your head, heart and hands. It’s the most rewarding journey of all.


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