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  • 26 July 2016
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Staying at the forefront of the market requires keen foresight into the megatrends shaping our increasingly digital world.

These forces will inform the path, priorities and purpose for business transformation in the coming months and years.

  • Happening Now: Omnichannel to Ubiquity. The mandate to deliver a seamless, consistent customer experience across all interaction points.
  • Fast Approaching: Monetizing Trust. The opportunity to increase loyalty and revenue by allowing customers to dictate their level of engagement.
  • On the Horizon: Agile everything. The shift from managing operations to accelerating innovation by providing a platform for consumers and companies to co-create the products and experiences of the future.

As the rest of these megatrends – Ubiquity – becomes the status quo, customers expect a personalized experience wherever, whenever and however they choose. Rapid innovation is required to keep pace with evolving market and consumer demands. At Revel, we’re helping companies gain competitive advantage by recognizing the mandate for digital business transformation – enabling a single, continuous brand experience that transcends physical stores, online platforms, social media and mobile channels to become ubiquitous.


The days of serial, siloed, 18-month project plans are gone. The digital world simply moves too fast to care about your plans. To keep pace, your organization’s infrastructure must be agile and resilient enough to transform at the speed of thought. That requires keen insight into how information flows through your organization – and an acute understanding of what platforms and environments are needed to create autonomous employees. That way, everyone in your company can be empowered to deliver tangible value for the end customer now. Not tomorrow or next year.

While technology may be a catalyst in your digital transformation, it is not the end goal. At Revel, we take a human-centered approach, co-creating with you to continually release iterations and make adjustments as we go – our focus always on how the solution fits the user. Like a flywheel, each innovation carries momentum, helping you accelerate toward the next step in your transformation more smoothly and quickly. Because these changes touch nearly every corner of your company, we roll up our sleeves and work within your organization to gain buy-in and ensure teams and stakeholders are aligned. Our goal is to put information and human systems in place that empower you to perpetually, dynamically, and competitively deliver value to customers, at scale.

We believe transformation is not about going from A to B, checking off milestones and tracking progress against a pre-defined project plan. It’s about enabling the organic flow of information and ideas to create an agile organization that can swiftly and continually adapt to customer needs, market shifts and competitive forces.


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